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Best Samurai&Ninja Experience at MAIKOYA in Kyoto!

Kyoto Sightseeing

Some of you might love samurai and ninja since you were kids and want to have samurai and ninja experience in Japan. Great News!! Maikoya offers the place where you can experience both samurai and ninja. It is a dream location for those who love samurai and ninja. Let me share this great experience with・・・

Best Geisha Experience in Kyoto!Enjoy tea ceremony with a real Geisha

Kyoto Sightseeing

I experienced the tea ceremony with a geisha at Maikoya in Kyoto. I’ve always wanted to see a real geisha,but meeting geisha is not easy for even locals because of the strict rule called “Ichigen-san okotowari(invitation-only)”. However,Maikoya offers the place where you can experience the tea ceremony with a real geisha. Here, you can meet・・・

Local tells Top 10 Healthy Japanese Foods!Try to consume these items!


The Japanese on average live longer than any other population in the world. Our cuisine is known to be one critical element of such long life expectancy. Many medical and health practitioners world wide study Japanese cuisine and its ingredients. There are many ingredients unique to Japan or the Asian region that make our cuisine・・・

Local tells Top 5 Cooking Classes in Osaka!Learn how to cook Japanese food

Food Osaka

Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! Osaka is known as the central kitchen of Japan. The region is full of dishes popular not only in Japan but world wide. You may be familiar with some of these dishes. Takoyaki (grilled bowls with octopus inside), okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake), kushikatsu (deep fried meat and vegetables on skewers)…. Does・・・

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