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Local tells Top 10 Healthy Japanese Foods!Try to consume these items!


The Japanese on average live longer than any other population in the world. Our cuisine is known to be one critical element of such long life expectancy. Many medical and health practitioners world wide study Japanese cuisine and its ingredients. There are many ingredients unique to Japan or the Asian region that make our cuisine・・・

Local tells 10 foods You Will See in Japanese New Year!


Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! One of the biggest celebrations in Japan happens on January 1st. Yes, it is New Year. Those of you who experience a fairly simple welcoming of a new year back home may be surprised to see that Japanese new year is bigger than Christmas: some stores are closed; people take a・・・

Local tells 10 weird Japanese foods!The strangest delicacies in Japan!


Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! Japan has been attracting a record number of tourists recently. One of their main attractions is Japanese food. Sushi, ramen, takoyaki, katsu, there are many popular Japanese dishes that have become the international trend here to enjoy. However Japan is also home for some of the strangest and most questionable delicacies.・・・

Local tells Top 10 best Japanese Snacks in Japan!


Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! The Japanese snacks seem to be everyone’s favorite these days. There have been many articles and videos on social media detailing various types of the Japanese snacks. Not only are these snacks the top souvenir pick for foreign travelers visiting Japan, but these days, there are even services abroad to purchase・・・

Local tells 10 Most Popular Japanese Foods and Cuisines in Japan!


Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! For many of you traveling to Japan, experiencing Japanese foods and cuisines is one of the ultimate goals in Japan. Japanese cuisine (washoku) has also recently been registered as UNESCO intangible heritage, and it has been getting more and more attentions abroad. Nowdays, many foreign youtubers are also hosting food channels・・・

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