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Local tells Top 5 Best Ninja Experience Places in Kyoto!

Kyoto Sightseeing

Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! Ninja were covert agents or mercenaries existed during the time of feudal Japan, when Samurai thrived. They conducted espionage, deception, sabotage, and assassination to attack opponents, which were not honored in the code of the Samurai. Ninja utilized various tactics called Ninjutsu such as disguise, weaponry skills, warfare, psychology, meteorology, some・・・

How to get from Kyoto station to Gion?The best and cheapest way !

Kyoto Transportation

Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! Gion is the main entertainment district in Kyoto. There are many famous sightseeing spots such as Yasaka shrine,Kodai-ji Temple and Hokan-ji Temple,and you can enjoy nightlife with Kyoto-like atmosphere at night. There are 5 ways to get from Kyōto Station to Gion:Bus,JR,Subway,Taxi,and Walk. I would like to introduce you 5 ways・・・

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