Top 5 Best Ramen Restaurants around JR Kyoto station!

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There are many famous ramen restaurants around JR Kyoto station. There is even the ramen street called “Kyoto ramen Koji” in the Kyoto station building where serve the different ramen styles from all over Japan. If you drop by JR Kyoto station and have a craving for ramen, try these 5 ramen restaurants below! I・・・

Top 5 best Ryokans in Arashiyama,Kyoto!Luxury Inn with a great view

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Arashiyama is surrounded by nature ranging from bamboo forest to Katsura river. You can enjoy Sagano Romantic Train and The Hozu-gawa River Boat Ride to appreciate these beautiful natures. If you are looking for a Inn after enjoying Arashiyama all day,I recommend you to stay at Ryokan. At Ryokan,you can enjoy delicious Kyoto-kaiseki dishes in・・・

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