Top 5 best Udon restaurants in Osaka!Enjoy Japanese Soul Food!

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Kamatama nikuudon

Udon are one of the Japanese soul foods and they have long been loved by people in Osaka too. Udon are the Japanese noodles made from wheat flour.They are smooth and chewy, and can be enjoyed in various ways. Udon in Osaka called Kansai-fu are lighter tasting compared to the taste in Tokyo. Udon in・・・

Top 5 Must-eat restaurants in Kyoto!Enjoy the best casual dining!

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Kyoto has a wide variety of dishes from high-end to casual such as Kaiseki,Tempura and ramen. There are abundance of Kyoto restaurants information available, so it might be difficult for you to choose one. This time I picked up top 5 popular restaurants among locals and foreign tourists in Kyoto. Here are the Top 5・・・

Top 5 best affordable Kaiseki in Kyoto!The restaurants local love

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kaiseki affordable

I have introducedTop 5 best Kaiseki in Kyoto!Enjoy Japan’s traditional meal!in my blog before. Most people think of Kaiseki cuisine as being expensive. It’s true, most Kaiseki dishes cost at least more than 10,000 yen if you want to eat it at dinner time in Kyoto. But there are some Kaiseki restaurants that provide quality・・・

Top 10 Must-Eat traditional sweets ranking in Kyoto!

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In the previous post, I have introduced Must-Eat foods in Kyoto. Top 10 Must-Eat Foods ranking in Kyoto!Enjoy Local Specialties! Kyoto is also the best place to enjoy traditional Japanese sweets called Wagashi. The Japanese traditional sweets are not only delicious, but also look beautiful.They are not too sweets and tend to be healthier than・・・

Top 10 Must-Eat Foods ranking in Kyoto!Enjoy Local Specialties!

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When travelling overseas, one of the most exciting things is to eat local specialities. Kyoto has very attractive sightseeing spots for tourists with historical temples and shrines. Kyoto’s cuisine also has a long history, and there are many good foods in Kyoto. If you come to Kyoto,you should definitely try the local specialities! This time・・・

Top 5 best Ryokans in Kyoto!Experience Japanese hospitality!

Hotel Kyoto

Ryokan is the best way to experience Japanese culture and true relaxation. It is the best holiday for Japanese to stay in a luxurious traditional ryokan with delicious food and good Onsen. I prefer Ryokans to Hotels. It’s because Ryokan provide me not only delicious Kaiseki dishes and good onsen, but also great service. Luxurious・・・

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