Do you know where the Pontocho alley is?

Poncocho alley is running between Shijo-dori and Sanjo-dori near Kamogawa River in Gion area.

This narrow alley is lined with many traditional restaurants and bars.

I love walking around this alley especially at night.The red lanterns lit creates nostalgic atmosphere.

It is picturesque alley along the river that worth the trip itself.

There are many good restaurants where you can enjoy great dishes in a traditional Japanese atmosphere.

I’m happy to share with you Top 5 best restaurants around Pontocho alley in Kyoto.

Local tells Top 5 best restaurants around Pontocho in Kyoto!

1.Japanese Restaurant Tokuo/日本料理 とくを

tokuwo Japanese Restaurant Tokuo is located in Kiyamachi which is just few blocks from Pontocho alley.

They offer two lunch course menu consisting of 9 dishes at 6,600yen or 11,000yen during the lunch time.

And two dinner course menu consisting of 10 dishes are available at 13,200 yen or 16,500 yen(including tax)during the night time.

They serve 40-50 kinds of a la carte menus which are mainly fish dishes including crabs,pike conger shabu Shabu,fugu and salt-grilled sweetish.

There is also beef fillet dish which is melt in your mouth tender and juicy.

The chef goes to the market every morning to buy seasonable ingredients that reach his standards,and he cook the dishes in a way which brings out the natural flavors of the ingredients.

The dishes have strong taste for Kyoto cuisine, but very delicious.

Every dish is very creative, it would be a nice surprise for you.

They can arrange the original dishes upon your request if they have the ingredients.

The staff are very friendly and polite,you can chat with them if you have a seat at the counter.

But I’m not sure if he can speak English fluently or not:)

The private rooms are also available which make you feel at home.

Address: 151 Tennocho, Bukkoji Agaru Kiyamachidori, Shimogyo-ku kyoto
Location:5minutes from Keihan Shijo station,5 minutes walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
Open: Lunch 12:00〜14:00(L.E.〜12:30),Dinner 18:00〜22:00(L.E〜20:00)
Closed: Sunday,The third monday
Price: Lunch 6,600yen or 11,000yen,Dinner 13,200 yen or 16,500 yen
Others: Reservation is a must


yoshiya Yoshiya is one of the most popular kappo(a traditional Japanese cuisine)restaurants which is located on ponto alley in Kyoto.

This restaurant is a hidden gem among locals.

The chef and his wife will be happy to welcome you with a smile.Their personality is one of the reason to attract regular customers.

They offer a wide variety of dishes including sashimi,tempura,stewed dishes.

There are dinner courses from 8,000 yen and each item is beautifully presented one by one.

One of their specialty is “kamameshi” which is Japanese rice pilaf using plenty of seasonable ingredients such as mushrooms or oysters.

It tastes amazing with a full of flavor.

This restaurant is very popular among locals, so you have to make a reservation at least one month before in advance.

I highly recommend this restaurant for those who want to have great dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.

Address: 188, Zaimoku-cho Pontochodori Sanjo-Sagaru, Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto
Location:5 minutes from Keihan sanjo station,8 minutes walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
Closed: Monday
Price: 8,000〜10,000 yen
Others: Reservation is a must

3.Pontocho Fujita/先斗町 ふじ田

fujita Pontocho Fujita is a family run Kyo-kaiseki restaurant which is conveniently located in front of Pontocho Kaburenjo.

They offer authentic Kyo-kaiseki cuisine using seasonable ingredients such as hamo dish(pike conger) in summer, fugu dish(puffer fish) in winter.

The ingredients are carefully selected by chef,and each item is beautifully decorated like an art.

It is not only delicious but also beautiful to the eye.

The chef present the dishes one by one and explain each dish in English.

The recommended item is “a duck breast”.

They prepare hot stone for the customers so that they can cook their meal exactly as they like,then you can wrap them in yuba(tofu skin) with a shiso leaf and enjoy every last bite as hot and delicious!

As it is located in front of Pontocho Kaburenjo Theater,You might see Maiko-san(apprentice geisha) during the Kamogawa odori season in May.

Address: Pontocho Kaburenjo Theater Mae Sanjo-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Location:5 minutes from Keihan sanjo station,8 minutes walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
Open:Tuesday-Sunday Lunch,11:30〜14:00 Dinner,17:00〜22:00(Food L.O.21:00)
Price: 5,000〜15,000 yen
Others:Reservation is a must

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Robin Robin is a Japanese restaurant renovated 150-year-old town house called “machiya” in Kyoto.

They offer a wide variety of dishes including sashimi and grilled fish,seared wagyu beef,tempura,and stewed red snapper etc.

The ingredients are carefully selected by chef.

There are Kawayuka terrace seats on the first floor,and table seats on the second floor.

Kawayuka is a open-air dining areas created on the river surface which is available during summer from May to September.

Since it is created on the river, it is cool even in summer,and you can enjoy the beautiful view of Kamogawa river while eating your meal.

English menu is available.

Address:137-4 Wakamatsucho, Pontocho-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Location:5 minutes from Keihan sanjo station,5 minutes walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
Open:17:00〜22:30(L.O.21:30),September-August: 16:30〜23:00(L.O.21:30)
Closed: –
Price: Lunch 3,000〜4,000 yen Dinner 6,000〜10,000yen
Others: 5% service charge,private room charge:500 yen,kawayuka charge:500 yen,New year’s day charge(1.Jan.-3.Jan.)

5.Yoshina/四季 よしな

IMG_4712 Yoshina is a traditional Kyoto kaiseki restaurant which was converted from one of the tea houses in Kyoto.

Yoshina was introduced on TV and magazine many times.

They offer a wide variety dishes including sashimi,wagyu beef steak,mackerel sushi,and there are some unique dishes that you can only eat here.

The menu changes every month with the season.

In summer you can enjoy hamo dishes(pike conger),salt-grilled sweet fish and in winter, you can enjoy fugu(puffer fish),and crab dishes.

The recommended dish is “Omakase course” consisting of 8 items using seasonable ingredients on the chef’s selection of the day at 5,650 yen(including tax)

The price is reasonable compare to the other restaurants above.

They also offer Kawayuka between May and September, you can enjoy delicious meal overlooking the Kamo river.

There is also Maiko plan(apprentice of Geisha)available for 4 people or more.

The price and the time are different depending on the date, so please call the in advance for more details.

Address:141-1 Wakamatsu-cho Pontocho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Location:5 minutes from Keihan sanjo station,8 minutes walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station
Phone:075 213 4471
Open:17:00〜23:00(L.O.22:15) Kawayuka seats 17:00〜22:30(21:50) Maiko Plan 18:00〜 or 20:30〜(90 minutes)
Closed: Irregular holiday
Price:Lunch 2,000〜3,000yen,Dinner 5,000〜8,000yen,Maiko Plan:17,000 yen per person including Omakase course dishes.
Others: Reservation is a must

I hope you enjoy the dishes in a traditional Japanese atmosphere !

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