There are many attractions and parades during the day and evening you can enjoy at Universal Studios Japan.

From the morning you run to the Harry Potter area, riding a flying dinosaur and watching parade.

If you get tired and feel hungry,you can go to very good restaurants.

Here are the good and popular restaurants at Universal Studios Japan!

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Universal Studios Japan Guide for foods and restaurants!

1.Azzura Di Capri(New York Area)


This is my most favorite restaurant at Universal Studios Japan.

AZZURRA DI CAPRI that resembles a Blue Grotto in Italy.You can enjoy authentic fresh pizza out of stone-oven.

Pizza is relatively big, so you can share it for two people.

The Pizza is really delicious!!

Vegetarian menu is available.

Open Hour:Mon-Fri 11:30〜15:00, Sat-Sun,National holidays: 11:00〜19:00

2.SAIDO 彩道 (NEW York Area)


This is the only Japanese restaurant at Universal Studios Japan.

You can enjoy Tempura,Sushi,Japanese noodle and sweets here.

This restaurant has relaxed atmosphere and it is relatively not crowded compare to other restaurants.

If you want to enjoy Japanese food, don’t miss out SAIDO!

Open Hour:Mon-Fri 11:30〜15:00, Sat-Sun,National holidays: 11:00〜19:30

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3.Beverly Hills Boulangerie cafe(Hollywood Area)


Beverly Hills Boulangerie cafe is located right in the entry area of Universal Studios Japan.

This is a Standard American-style restaurant serving breakfast,sandwiches,fresh panini and bakeries.

There are many kinds of cakes,muffins, cookies, so if you get tired you can take a break at this cafe.

Open Hour:Mon-Fri 8:30〜20:30, Sat-Sun,National holidays: 8:30〜21:00

4.Amity Landing Restaurant( Amity Village )


Amity Landing Restaurant is located near the JAWS boat ride at Universal Studios Japan.

This is a fast food restaurant serving burger set, fried chicken set and french fries.

What I like here is the food is served in a Jaws box!

The Currency here is “Jaws”,not Japanese yen.

I smiled when a crew said “The change is 500 jaws”.

Open Hour:Mon-Fri 11:00〜18:30, Sat-Sun,National holidays: 10:30〜19:30
(Closing early in winter time)

5.Happiness Cafe (San Francisco section)

Happiness Cafe is a restaurant specializing exclusively in Japanese curry rice.

The curry is so good, it is said that one of the secret ingredient of the curry is “Coca-Cola”.

You can choose Curry Sauce from Mild, Medium and Hot.

Salad bar and all you can drink services are available.

Open Hour:Mon-Fri 10:00〜19:00, Sat-Sun,National holidays:10:00〜20:00

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