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Local tells Top 5 best French restaurants in Kyoto!Enjoy Kyoto-style French!

Food Kyoto

Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! Though known for the traditional Japanese cuisine, Kyoto is also a great city to enjoy international fine dining. Kyoto has several Michelin-stared French restaurants as well as gorgeous bistros. Chefs of most of these restaurants have studied French cuisine by working in top-notch restaurants in France. Chefs usually perfectly combine the・・・

Local tells Top 10 best Bakeries in Kyoto!Enjoy delicious breads!

Food Kyoto

Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! Though Japan may be known more for rice and noodle than bread, Japan is a hot spot for top notch and unique bakeries. Bread has been an important part of the Japanese diet since post-war era. Japanese bakeries offer anything from the traditional anpan (bread with a sweet red bean paste・・・

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