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Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka!

Though known for the traditional Japanese cuisine, Kyoto is also a great city to enjoy international fine dining.

Kyoto has several Michelin-stared French restaurants as well as gorgeous bistros.

Chefs of most of these restaurants have studied French cuisine by working in top-notch restaurants in France.

Chefs usually perfectly combine the Japanese spirit, Kyoto ingredients and French cooking skills.

While staying in Kyoto, you would certainly want to try these “one of the kind” Kyoto style French cuisine.

Here are Top 5 French Restaurants in Kyoto!
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Top 5 best French restaurants in Kyoto

1.Restaurant Yonemura/レストランよねむら

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This is a great French restaurant that is housed in a 100-year-old Machiya (traditional townhouse) in Gion, south of Yasaka Shrine.

Unlike most of the Machiya styled restaurants, this Machiya preserved the traditional interior decors, allowing you to enjoy the ancient Kyoto feel.

Yonemura serves fusion French, going beyond the simple boundary of Japanese or French.

Its creative and art-like dishes attract die-hard fans.

Advance reservation is a must.

Lunch course starts at ¥6,800 an dinner starts at ¥16,000.

You can access Yonemura either by train via Gion Shijo Station on Keihan Line (10 minutes’ walk) or by City Bus #100, 202, 206 or 207 via Gion Stop (3 minutes’ walk).

Restaurant Yonemura
Address:481-1 Kiyoi-cho, Yasaka Toriimae-sagaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Location:5 minutes walk from Keihan Railway Gion-Shijo station
Opening hours:12:00~13:00(L.O.),17:30~21:00(L.O.)
Price:Lunch 6,000〜8,000,Dinner 20,000〜30,000yen
Others:You need to make a reservation in advance
Center map

2.Yosuke YAMAJI/山地陽介

This French restaurant is rather new yet extremely popular.

Chef Yamaji has been serving famous hotels and restaurants in Tokyo previously, and now has become independent.

He spent 11 years in France studying French cuisine, working in some of the top restaurants such as Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée and Astrance in Paris.

His experience in these restaurants working side by side with Chefs of various countries has influenced his unique dishes.

He procures the best ingredients from best farmers all over Japan.

Some of the most popular items include Lobster from Ise Shima region, foie gras confit, bottom flap of Kobe beef, etc.

Menu will change depending on the season and availability of the ingredients.

Lunch is available at ¥5,000 or ¥10,000.

Dinner course is available between ¥10,000 to ¥20,000.

The restaurant is only 300m away from Gion Shijo Station on Keihan Line or 600m from Kawaramachi Station on Hankyu Line.

Address:570-151,Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-Ku, Kyoto
Location:5 minutes walk from Keihan Railway Gion-Shijo station,6 minutes from Hankyu Railway Kawaramachi station
Opening hours:lunch 12:00 (L.O),Dinner 18:00 ~ 19:00 (L.O)
Closed:Monday,Two days off every other week.
Price:Lunch 10,000〜15,000,Dinner 20,000〜30,000yen
Others:You need to make a reservation in advance
Service charge:Lunch 5 %,Dinner 10%
Center map

3.Gion OKUMURA/祇園おくむら

Okumura serves Kyo Kaiseki style French.

Kyo Kaiseki is a traditional Kyoto style Japanese course meal.

Okumura utilizes Kyoto ingredients such as Kyoto vegetables, whatever the best in the season.

Chef Okumura was also trained in top restaurants of France and he learned the Japanese cuisine himself.

He is a Japanese precision and adjusts his dishes for each customer.

Despite its quality and elegance, you almost feel intimate in this French restaurant, as you can dine at the counter seats fairly close to the Chef and staff.

The fusion that he creates is innovative and pleasing to all of the five senses.

Bread the restaurant serves is one of the best in the city.

Lunch set menu starts from ¥5,000 to ¥10,000 and dinner ranges between ¥10,000 to ¥21,000.

Okumura is located around the corner off the popular Hanamikoji street, several minutes from Gion Shijo Station on Keihan Line.

For further information or to make a reservation, please visit here:Gion Okumura

Address:255, Gionmachi-kitagawa Higashiyama-ku, kyoto
Location:5 minutes walk from Keihan Railway Gion-Shijo station,6 minutes from Hankyu Railway Kawaramachi station
Opening hours:12:00~15:00 (L.O.13:30) Dinner18:00~22:30 (L.O.20:30)
Closed:Irregular holiday
Price:Lunch 6,000〜8,000,Dinner 10,000〜20,000yen
Others:You need to make a reservation in advance
Service Charge 10%
Center map

4.Restaurant Motoi/レストラン モトイ

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Restaurant Motoi is the holder of one Michelin star.

Motoi is housed in a century old Machiya, renovated to fit the elegant modern style of Motoi.

Chef has traveled to France to learn the French cuisine from the best of the best.

He has served in Okura Hotel in Kyoto before establishing his own restaurant.

He incorporates Kyoto and Japan’s best ingredients in his French cuisine.

Motoi adheres to the spirit of the Japanese tea ceremony, which seeks the unity between guests and the host.

Guided by this spirit, Chef visit farms and forests himself to obtain the fresh ingredients.

The restaurant has 2 private gardens, which customers can enjoy while dining.

In addition to their delicious and elegant French dishes, their freshly baked breads also captivate customers.

Lunch at Restaurant Motoi is available either at ¥7,830 or ¥14,580 while dinner is available at ¥9,720 (short course) or at ¥14,580.

The restaurant can be accessed through Karasumaoike Station on Karasuma Subway Line (around 10 minutes’ walk).

Restaurant Motoi
Address:186 Tawaraya-cho, Tominokoji Nijyo Sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Location:10 minutes walk from Subway Karasuma Line Karasumaoike station
Phone: 075-231-0709
Opening hours:Lunch 12:00~13:30(L.O.13:00) Dinner 18:00~20:00(L.O.20:00)
Price:Lunch 6,500yen,8,500 yen~,Dinner 15,000 yen 18,000yen〜
Others:You must make a reservation in advance
Service Charge:10%
Center map

5.La Biographie/ラ・ビオグラフィ

Another holder of one Michelin star, La Biographie, is housed in an elegant Machiya with a beautiful garden.

Customers can enjoy the nature through the restaurant’s big windows.

Esteemed French Chef, Mr. Takimoto is known for his meticulous style of cooking, paying particular attentions to cooking temperature, ingredients, cooking process, plates and bowls, etc.

You can feel his utmost respect for the ingredients and customers.

He visits the restaurant’s contract farmers himself in the early morning to get Kyoto vegetables.

The restaurant is conveniently located 5 minutes away from Karasumaoike Station on Karasuma Subway Line.

It almost looks like a secret restaurant, hidden away, perfect for your special day.

Lunch is fairly reasonable starting at ¥6,500 and dinner starts at ¥15,000.

La Biographie
Address:152 Nagahamacho, Koromonodanadori Oikesagaru Nishigawa, Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto
Location:5 minutes walk from Subway Karasuma Line Karasumaoike station
Phone: 075-231-1669
Opening hours:Lunch 12:00~13:00(L.O.13:00) Dinner 18:00~20:00(L.O.20:00)
Price:Lunch 15,000~¥20,000,Dinner 20,000〜30,000yen
Others:You need to make a reservation in advance
Service Charge:10%
Center map

Have a great French dishes at these restaurants in Kyoto!

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