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Soba is one of Kyoto’s specialties.

There are many different varieties of soba including Nishin Soba(Soba topped with a sweetened herring fish),Kamo Namban(Soba topped with hot soup made with duck meat),and Cha soba(soba noodle infused with green tea) in Kyoto.

If you visit Kyoto, why don’t you try authentic Japanese soba noodles in Kyoto?

Here are Top 5 best soba restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Japanese soba noodles in Kyoto!

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Local tells Top 5 best soba restaurants in Kyoto!Enjoy Authentic Japanese Soba!

1.Honke Owariya/本家尾張屋

Honke Owariya Honke Owariya is one of the most traditional soba restaurants which was established in 1465 in Kyoto.

They started as a confectionery shop at first and then they started soba noodles restaurant in the Edo period (B.C.1603~1868)

They delivered their soba noodles to the Japanese Imperial Palace in the 1700s.

They have always kept their traditional taste even now.(for over 550 years!)

The popular menu among locals is “Hourai Soba(2,160yen)”.

It is cold soba noodles come with 8 toppings including shiitake mushrooms,shrimp tempura, and seaweed etc.

You can mix the different toppings with the soba as you like.

Their soba noodles are all served in beautiful lacquer ware.

If you want to enjoy traditional soba noodles,you should visit Honke Owariya!

The restaurant has two other branches in Kyoto.

Honke Owariya Main Shop
Address:322, Niomontsukinukecho,Nakagyo-ku Kyoto
Location:3 minutes walk from Subway Karasumaoike station
Opening hours:11:00~19:00(L.O.18:30)
Closed:January 1st, 2nd
Price: 1,000~2,000yen
Others:English Menu is available
Center map
Honke Owariya Shijo Branch
Address:624, Teiammaenocho, Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto
Location:2 minutes walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi station
Opening hours:11:30〜20:00(L.O.19:30)
Closed:Tuesday,January 1st
Price: 1,000~2,000yen
Others:English Menu is available
Center map
Honke Owariya Takashimaya Branch
Address:52, Teiammaenocho, Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto
Location:1 minute walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi station,5 minutes walk from Keihan Gionshijo station
Opening hours:11:00〜21:30(L.O.20:45)
Closed:January 1st
Price: 1,000~2,000yen
Others:English Menu is available
Center map


Kanei is a Michelin Bib Gourmand awarded soba restaurant in Kyoto.

The soba noodles are made in special way using a stone grinder in the restaurant.

The popular dish is “Arabiki Soba(1,100yen)” which is made from coarsely milled buckwheat.

It is only 10 dishes can be served per day.

They have a wide selections of side dishes ranging from fried soba to Itawasa (fish cake with wasabi).

They also offer various kinds of sake, which goes well with their soba noodles and side dishes.

Kanei does not take reservations, so come early at least 15-30 minutes before opening time to avoid crowds.

Address:11-1 Murasakinohigashifujinomoricho, Kita-ku, Kyoto
Location:20 minutes walk form Kyoto Subway Karasuma-line Kuramaguchi Station,7 min walk from Daitoku-ji-mae Bus Stop(Kyoto City Bus 206 from Kyoto Station),
Opening hours:11:30~14:30,17:00~19:00 or when the day’s stock runs out
Closed:Monday(the following day instead if Monday is a public holiday),early January, early August
Price: 1,000~2,000yen
Center map

3.Soba Rojina/そば ろうじな

Sobs roujina Soba Rojina is also a Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant which was opened in 2014.

They makes soba noodles by grinding buckwheat in their restaurant’s kitchen.

The Soba noodles are very thin and smooth with full of flavor.

The popular dish is “Harisoba(1,000yen)”.

The soba is served in a cold broth covered with thin slices of sudachi(Japanese citrus) and locals enjoy it especially during summer.

The broth taste great you cannot stop drinking it after you finish your noodles.

They also offer a wide variety of side dishes including tempura,Dashimakitamago(Japanese style omelet)and sliced duck roast.

If you want to try high quality homemade soba noodles,Rojina won’t disappoint you!

Soba Rojina
Address:691 Maruyacho, Ebisugawadori Teramachi Nishiiru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Location:10 minutes walk from Subway Tozai-line Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station
Opening hours:11:30~14:30(L.O.14:00),Dinner:17:30〜20:30 or when the day’s stock runs out
Price: Lunch 1,000~2,000yen,Dinner 2,000〜5,000yen
Others:You cannot order only soba noodles during dinner time.You need to order side dishes and drinks as well.
Center map


Muraki is a small restaurant run by a husband and wife.

They make soba noodles every day using 100% homemade buckwheat flour.

You can choose two kinds of soba noodles.

One is called”juwari”which are thin soba noodles made from 100 percent buckwheat,and the other is called “Arabiki Inaka soba” which are made from 90 % of coarse-grained buckwheat and 10% of tsunagi (binder).

After your serve your meal,they serve very nice fried soba snacks and soba tea.

The freshly made soba noodles are delicious with just the right chewy texture. It tastes the full flavor of buckwheat.

The unique dish here is Iberiko Buta Tsukejiru(1400 yen).

You can dip soba noodles into white miso soup with Iberico Pork.

It takes time after you order it(about 30 minutes) but it’s worth waiting.

Address:5-1 Saiinhiramachi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Location:4 minutes walk from Hankyu Sanin station
Opening hours:Lunch 11:30〜14:30 (L.O.14:00),Dinner 17:30〜20:00(L.O.19:30) or when the day’s stock runs out
Closed:Wednesday(the following day instead if Wednesday is a public holiday),and last Thursday (the following day instead if Thursday is a public holiday) and Tuesday’s night
Price: Lunch 1,000~2,000 yen,Dinner1,000~2,000
Center map

5.Arashiyama Yoshimura/嵐山 よしむら

Yoshimura Arashiyama Yoshimura is very famous Japanese soba( Japanese brown noodles made from buckwheat flour)restaurant where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Togetsu bridge.

Must-Try menu is “Togetsuzen/渡月膳(1,880 yen)” which includes soba,tempura don and Kyo-tsukemono(Kyoto-style pickles).

You can enjoy smooth and al dente texture Japanese soba and crispy fresh tempura.

It’s great to have tasty soba overlooking the view of Katsura river.

If you are soba lover, Arashiyama Yoshimura is a Must-Try restaurant.

Arashiyama Yoshimura
Address: Nishi Nikemme,Togetsukyo Kitazume,Arashiyama Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Location:7 minutes from Hankyu Arashiyama station,5 minutes from Keifuku-line Arashiyama Station
Opening hours:Mon-Sun Low season:11:00 〜 17:00 High season:10:30 〜18:00 ※During Hanatouro Period:Mo-Fri 11:00~19:30、Sat,Sun,National holiday:11:00~20:00
Price: Lunch 1,000~2,000 yen,Dinner1,000~2,000
Others:English Menu is available
Center map


Top 5 best soba restaurants in Kyoto

  1. Honke Owariya・・・ A traditional soba restaurant which was established in 1465.
  2. Kanei・・・The side dishes taste also great.
  3. Soba Rojina・・・Must try dish here is Harisoba which is cold soba noodles with thin slices of sudachi
  4. Muraki・・・A small restaurant run by a husband and wife
  5. Arashiyama Yoshimura・・・You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Togetsu bridge in Arashiyama

I hope you’ll enjoy authentic soba noodles at these restaurants in Kyoto!

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