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Top 10 Must-Eat Foods ranking in Osaka!Enjoy Local Specialties!

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Osaka is famous for it’s food culture. This is the place for food lovers where you can find almost every Japanese food specialties. The foods are not only delicious but also very reasonable. Osaka is also known as kuidaore city which means”eat until you drop”in Japanese. You don’t have to eat until you drop, but・・・

Top 5 best Udon restaurants in Osaka!Enjoy Japanese Soul Food!

Food Osaka
Kamatama nikuudon

Udon are one of the Japanese soul foods and they have long been loved by people in Osaka too. Udon are the Japanese noodles made from wheat flour.They are smooth and chewy, and can be enjoyed in various ways. Udon in Osaka called Kansai-fu are lighter tasting compared to the taste in Tokyo. Udon in・・・

Top 5 best Michelin Star Sushi restaurants in Osaka 2017!

Food Osaka
michelin sushi

Michelin guide 2017 was published in October 2016. Eight new restaurants were awarded their first star in Osaka in 2017. I have introduced Top 5 best Michelin restaurants in Osaka!in my blog before,so I picked for Top 5 best Michelin sushi restaurants in Osaka this time! Top 5 best Michelin Star Sushi restaurants in Osaka・・・

Top 5 best bars in Osaka!Enjoy the Nightlife with locals!

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Minami(Nomba, Shinsaibashi, Hborie Area) might be Osaka’s real nightlife disrtict,but there are some bars or Pubs in Kita (Umeda,Nakatsu area)too. Bar is a good place to meet and chat with local people. Here are the top 5 best bars in Osaka! Top 5 best bars in Osaka!Enjoy the Nightlife with locals! 1.Cafe Absinthe Cafe Absinthe・・・

Top 7 best Sukiyaki restaurants in Osaka!Enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine!

Food Osaka

Sukiyaki is a Japanese traditional cuisine along with sushi,sashimi,and Tempura. A lots of Japanese people love sukiyaki,and it is relished on special occasions, such as family gatherings or celebratory meals. There are a lots of sukiyaki restaurants here in Osaka serve the best sukiyaki that will exceed your expectation. Here is the list of Top・・・

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