Jaws at universal studios japan Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka!

Universal Studios Japan celebrated its 15th anniversary on March 31 in 2016.

To celebrate the anniversary,Universal Studios Japan offers guests many kinds of new rides ,attractions and events.

The celebration theme of 15th anniversary is “Re-born”.

Universal Studios Japan will offer the guests so many new experiences and excitements beyond expectations.

Let’s find out how Universal Studios Japan is being reborn!

Here’s the top 5 best rides and attractions at Universal Studios Japan.

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Top 5 best rides and attractions at Universal Studios Japan! Ranking and review

1.The Flying Dinosaur

USJ’s most thrilling and popular coaster is “The Flying Dinosaur”. Average waiting time is 213 minutes.

It is not the “sit-down” RollerCoaster, but the passengers will be suspended face-down in midair as if they are being held in the talons of a pteranodon.

You feel like flying through the sky with these dinosaurs!

Here are The Flying Dinosaur ride reviews

  • When the coaster start and pull your body high, there is nothing but air between you and the ground, as if we are flying high into the sky. This ride is a new experience for me, the most thrilling experience compared to other coasters I ever tried.

  • The Flying Dinosaur which plunges you headfirst down a steep decline. Very exhilarating, worth every cent.

2.Hollywood Dream the Ride Backdrop

Hollywood Dream the Ride Backdrop is thrilling and scaring roller coaster that runs the track backwards and descends suddenly at steep angles.

Average waiting time is 152 minutes

You can enjoy the views over Osaka during the ride.

You’ve got 5 options to select your favorite music during the roller coaster rides.
5 options in 2016 are as below.

  1. SMAP 「Amazing Discovery」
  2. SMAP 「Battery」
  3. One direction「Happily」
  4. Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera「Feel This Moment」
  5. Krewella 「Live for The Night」
Here are Hollywood Dream the Ride Backdrop reviews.

  • Hollywood Dream ride which looked like a really scary ride as it went forwards and another, backwards.But this is the one not to be missed if you enjoy such thrills.
  • It may not be the highest, fastest, most of anything which ‘hardcore’ fans of coasters would call the best.

3.Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

The Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride is one of the main attractions at USJ. It’s a 3D thrilling ride that takes you traveling through the Hogwarts castle.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, this ride is definitely a must see!The average waiting time is 144 minutes.

As for my impression,it was exiting to experience harry potter’s s world but I’ve got sick after riding this attraction:) If you do the ride, don’t eat beforehand.

Here are Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride reviews

  • Harry Potter world definitely made my day at universal studios. The short walk through Hogwarts was so much fun as well as the 3d/4d rideExpress pass is a must.

  • The Harry Potter attraction was incredible and a massive effort to construct I am sure.

Here is my video of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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4.The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man – The Ride 4K3D

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man has won the awards for being the world’s best ride attraction for 7 consecutive years.The average waiting time is 92 minutes.

The lights,fog, smoke and water spray are employed throughout the attraction.

As for my impression, 3D glasses were very powerful and the effects felt like a real, I couldn’t make a difference between the screen and the reality.

I enjoyed the world of Spiderman!

Here are The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man – The Ride 4K3D reviews

  • This ride was really great with a lot of action, drops and spins and great 3D graphics.Definitely worth any wait!

  • This was the most exciting 3D glasses rides here at Universal Studios Japan. I was so impressed with the feeling of being thrown over and above the New York City skyline.

5.Jurassic Park The Ride

Jurassic park river adventure begin by taking a boat ride through the natural jungle where many kinds of dinosaurs habitat.The average waiting time is 50 minutes.

It is a peaceful and calm boat tour,but something goes wrong,and we have to escape from the raging T-Rex.

I was really excited when I made a 26m dive down onto the surface of the water.

I don’t like thrill rides,but I love this ride!!(or this is not a thrill rides??)

Here are Jurassic Park The Ride reviews
  • It’s a fun ride that goes fairly slow. You will get wet depending on where you sit.
  • This is always my favorite ride at Universal Studios Japan!It is a mostly calm ride, flowing through the river witnessing the majestic dinosaurs, nature waterfalls etc.

How to buy Universal Studios Japan Osaka Tickets and Express Pass?

In Advance:
  • You can purchase express passes from USJ official booking partner Voyagin:here Right now Voyagin is running a $10 off promotion for first time users.
  • Klook Travel App: Download the app from Apple Store or GooglePlay and you can order Express Pass.
  • Travel agencies(English support is available) if you are in overseas.
  • Lawson (Only in Japanese )if you are in Japan

On the day:
  • At the ticket booth or ticket windows inside Universal Studios Japan.
  • Official Hotel(Only for guests in official hotel)

The number of Express Pass is limited, so it is better to purchase it in advance.

I hope you’ll enjoy Universal Studios Japan in Osaka!

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