Top 7 best Sukiyaki restaurant in Osaka!Enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine!

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Sukiyaki is a Japanese traditional cuisine along with sushi,sashimi,and Tempura. A lots of Japanese people love sukiyaki,and it is relished on special occasions, such as family gatherings or celebratory meals. There are a lots of sukiyaki restaurants here in Osaka serve the best sukiyaki that will exceed your expectation. Here is the list of Top・・・

Top 5 best Halal restaurants in Osaka!Muslim-friendly food places !

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The visitors from the Muslim countries such as Malaysia ,Pakistan and Indonesia etc have been increased in recent years. Even though it is still a bit hard to find halal restaurants in Osaka,they have been increasing in number. I would like to introduce you a different kinds of Halal restaurants such as Turkish,Pakistani,Japanese and Malaysian・・・

Top 5 best all-you-can-eat Yakiniku restaurants in Osaka!

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I go to all-you-can-eat Yakiniku restaurant when I’m craving for meat. I love all-you-can-eat Yakiniku,cause it allows me to eat meat as much as I want without worrying about the price. You’ll find lots of all-you-can-eat Yakiniku restaurants at a reasonable price in Osaka. Here are Top 5 best all-you-can-eat Yakiniku restaurants list in Osaka!・・・

Top 5 best Conveyor Belt Sushi restaurants in Osaka!

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Conveyor Belt Sushi

Conveyor Belt Sushi (Kaiten-Sushi) is very popular not only in Japan, but also in many countries. I often go to Conveyor Belt Sushi restaurant on weekends. I like Conveyor Belt restaurant because I can eat healthy,delicious sushi with a reasonable price. In addition,I can eat unusual sushi such as Beef Ribs sushi,Grilled Salmon with Cheese and・・・

Top 5 best Kobe Beef in Osaka!Enjoy Japan’s top brand beef!

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Kobe Beef

Kobe Beef is one of Japan’s top brand of wagyu beef. It has a reputation for it’s tenderness, sweet flavor and fine-textured meat which attract people around the world. Every single bite is so juicy and tender that it melts in your mouth. Some say eating Kobe beef can a life change experience. Here are・・・

Top 5 best Onigiri(Rice Ball)Specialty Shops in Osaka!

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Onigiri is the soul food for Japanese people. Oigiri have been beloved by Japanese for people since ancient times. When I was a child,my mother used to make Onigiri for the lunch box. I loved it!! Onigiri is synonymous with the phrase “taste of home” and it is a staple of Japanese comfort food. There・・・

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