Top 10 Must-Eat Foods ranking in Kyoto!Enjoy Local Specialties!

Food Kobe

When travelling overseas, one of the most exciting things is to eat local specialities. Kyoto has very attractive sightseeing spots for tourists with historical temples and shrines. Kyoto’s cuisine also has a long history, and there are many good foods in Kyoto. If you come to Kyoto,you should definitely try the local specialities! This time・・・

Top 5 best Ryokans in Kyoto!Experience Japanese hospitality!

Hotel Kyoto

Ryokan is the best way to experience Japanese culture and true relaxation. It is the best holiday for Japanese to stay in a luxurious traditional ryokan with delicious food and good Onsen. I prefer Ryokans to Hotels. It’s because Ryokan provide me not only delicious Kaiseki dishes and good onsen, but also great service. Luxurious・・・

Top 5 best Kaiseki in Kyoto!Enjoy Japan’s traditional meal!

Food Kyoto

The Kaiseki dish is a kind of Japanese dishes based on the the zen Buddhism and the tea ceremony in a course style. It originally refers to the Japanese dishes before a tea ceremony.The recent of the Kaiseki dish is not completely derived from that forms. However, the Kaiseki dish have three principles based on・・・

Top 5 best Michelin restaurants in Kyoto!Enjoy once in a lifetime dining!

Food Kyoto
Gion maruyama

Kyoto cuisine is well known for it’s refined and delicate taste. Beautifully Created dishes are like an art, it will please both your tongue and your eyes. There are more than 170 Michelin star restaurants in Kyoto.You can enjoy delicious dishes in a Japanese traditional atmosphere at these Michelin restaurants. But since there are many・・・

Higashiyama Hanatouro in Kyoto 2017!Must-see Temples and Events!

Kyoto Sightseeing

Higashiyama Hanatouro is held between early to mid-March every year and it is known for the seasonal feature to announce the arrival of early spring in Japan. Hanatouro means “flower’s light path” in Japanese. About 2500 lanterns illuminate the 5km path from Shoren-in Temple to Kiyomizu Temple. It was my first time to see Hanatouro・・・

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