Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka!

Are you planning to come here in Osaka in winter time?

Then you better know what kind of event there are and how we spend your time in this season.

There are many interesting places to visit Osaka in winter.

Here are Top 10 things to do in Osaka in winter time!

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10 best things to do in Osaka in Winter!

1.Visit Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan Needless to say, USJ is a popular place to visit in Osaka.

In winter, there is a big annual event called “Universal Wonder Christmas”.

You feel Christmas atmosphere by their ornaments and illuminations.

There are many special events inside the park, and must see event among them is “Special Christmas show and Christmas tree.”

The show, “The Voice of an Angel” is performed with beautiful song and dance by the actors and there will be spectacular illumination by the projection mapping.

This show is really amazing and you can see angel flying over the sky.

While the show is shining beautifully, Christmas tree with lights will remain dark.

After the end of the show, the lights will be turned on as a magic!

This Christmas tree has been renewed this year, and it keeps changing in many ways every year.You better check it out!

It’s cold outside so don’t forget to dress warm.

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Universal Studios Japan
Address: 2-1-33 Sakurajima,Konohana-Ku,Osaka
Location:5 minutes walk from JR Yumesaki Line Universal City Station
Closed:Irregular holiday

2. Osaka Castle Illuminage/大阪城

Photo credit: kimtetsu on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA
This is one of the most popular illumination exhibitions in Japan.

This year, the exhibition starts from November 22 and lasts until March 1.

The illumination is held in Nishinomaru Garden of the Castle from 17:30 to 21:30.

There is a 3D illumination mapping that displays the history of Japan with the special focus on the Taisho era, using 300 million LED lights.

There are also food and drink stalls that you can enjoy at the venue.

The ticket to enter the garden is 1,500 yen for an adult.

Nishinomaru Garden of Osaka Castle is a 10 minutes-walk from Tanimachi 4-Chome Station.

Osaka Castle
Address: 1-1 Osakajo, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Location: 5 minutes from JR Line Osaka Castle Park station , 5 minutes from Osaka Metro Nagahoritsurumiryokuchi Line Osaka Business Park 1 exit
Lighting-up period:From Nov.22 2019 to Mar 1,2020
Lighting-up time:17:30〜21:30
Admission fee:Adult:1,500yen, Children:800yen, Children under three:free of charge.

3.OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance/大阪・光の饗宴

Photo credit: kentiki via Visualhunt.com /  CC BY-NC-SA
Photo credit: kentiki via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA
OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance is an annual light art festival in Nakanoshima.

Their concept is to make Osaka city as “a lightening museum” by illuminating all over the city.

They have two main areas.

One is “Midosuji street illumination” which runs from north to south in the middle of Osaka city.

In the evening, illumination on tree-lined streets makes the night scenery.

It will last for 4 km between Umeda and Namba.

It’s really great to walk along this illuminated street during the winter season.

Another one is called ”Osaka Hikari no Renaissance” which is held in the center of Osaka city, “Nakanoshima”.

They have 5 programs ranging from Nakanoshima Illumination Street Special Preview,The Wall Tapestry Lighting Show and OSAKA Marche of Light.

The must see event is the the projection mapping.

The different colored lights are being projected on the wall of Osaka city central public hall and it’s really beautiful.

OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance
Address: Osaka City Hall 1-3-20 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka
Location:3 minutes walk from Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Yodoyabashi Station Exit 1
OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance:From Dec.14 to Dec.25,2019
Illumination hours:OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance:17:00 〜 22:00

4. Midosuji Illumination/御堂筋イルミネーション

Photo credit: tkosaka on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC
Midosuji is a shopping avenue of around 4km.

In winter, trees along the whole stretch of this street as well as some side streets are illuminated.

Major buildings along the streets also displays decorations and illuminations.

Midosuji actually is one of the longest illuminated streets in the World.

The trees along the street are lit in different colors per area; blue, yellow, purple, sakura, 5 colored, etc.

Some sections, near the Shinbashi area, change colors as if trees are dancing.

There are also some sections that have photogenic monuments for you to take pictures.

The illumination starts November 4 and goes on until December 31 between the hours of 5pm and 10pm.

The best thing about this illumination is that it is free!

If you want to see the whole stretch but you are not confident about walking, there is a tourist bus with a sky deck, called Osaka Sky Vista, that you can ride along to watch all the illuminations.

The tour takes around 45 minutes but only 1,500 yen and departs at JR Osaka Station.

Midosuji Illumination
Location:3 minutes walk from Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Yodoyabashi Station Exit 1
Illumination period:From Nov.4 to Dec.31,2019
Illumination hours:17:00 〜 23:00

5. Grand Front Osaka/グランフロント大阪

Photo credit: tkosaka on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC
Grand Front is a massive shopping mall complex in front of JR Osaka Station.

This winter, Grand Front is hosting the special Christmas event titled “Grand Wish Christmas 2019” from November 7 until December 25.

The event features Christmas illuminations including 8m giant Christmas tree, champagne colored tree-lined illumination, and a romantic Christmas market.

There is also an outdoor ice-skating link.

Many people visit this mall just to see the Christmas illumination every year, so this is not to be missed!

Grand Front Osaka
Address:4-1 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka
Location:3 minute walk from JR Osaka station,5 minute walk from Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Umeda Station Exit 1
Illumination period:From Nov.7 to Dec.25,2019
Illumination hours:17:00 〜 24:00

6.Enjoy hot springs/温泉に浸かる

Onsen Hot springs is the first thing to come up in our mind when we are asked what to do in winter time.

Soaking into hot springs warm up your body and make you comfortable.

It is one of the happiest moment for us to soak and relax in the hot spring.

There are many places where you can enjoy hot springs in the city.

“Naniwa no yu” and “Daitoyou” are the famous hot springs place in Osaka.

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You may hesitate to be naked in public in hot springs.

In that case, you can visit “Nobeha no yu” in Tsuruhashi, which has private baths.

There are 11 different private baths, and each have an open-air bath.

The price of private baths is between 3,800yen and 4,500 yen per hour.

Nobeha no yu
Address:3-13-41 Tamatsu, Higashinari-ku, Osaka
Location:5 minutes walk from Osaka Loop Line Tsuruhashi Station,5 minutes walk from Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line Tsuruhashi station
Phone: 06-4259-1126
Opening hours:9:00〜 2:00 (final acceptance 1:00)
Admission fee: Adults:850 yen,Child:450 yen

7. Solaniwa Hot Spring/空庭温泉

How about a nice relaxing dip in a hot spring after walking around in the cold weather to see illuminations?

Solaniwa is a hot spring/entertainment facility in the middle of the city.

It is actually an extended area off Osaka Art Hotel.

It is a hot spring located on the roof top of the Bay Tower, that pumps the spring water from 1,000m below.

It features many hot springs facilities (big, small, outside, inside, private, public), sauna, mist, bedrock, restaurants, garden to stroll.

You can walk around the beautiful facility in a beautiful kimono style ukata.

This is a perfect place, since it is extremely accessible to major tourist spots and there are so much to do, you can actually spend a whole day.

Solaniwa Hot Spring
Address:1-2-3 Benten, Minato-ku, Osaka
Location:1 minute walk from JR Osaka Loop Line Benten Station
Phone: 06-7670-5126
Email address:info@solaniwa-onsen.com
Opening hours:11:00am~9:00am the next day (Last entry: 8:00 / Main baths can be used until 8:30)
Closed:2019.11.20(wed), 12.18(wed),
2020.1.8(wed), 2.19(wed), 3.11(wed), 4.15(wed), 5.13(wed), 6.10(wed), 7.8(wed), 8.19(wed), 9.9(wed)
Admission Fee:Please visit here

8. Enjoy cuisine of crab and puffer fish/カニ料理とふぐ料理

Kanidouraku Osaka is the ideal place for foodies, you can enjoy a variety of foods at reasonable prices.

The must eat foods in winter are crabs and puffer fish.

Kani Nabe(crab hotpot) and Fugu Nabe(Puffer fish hotpot)warm up your body and is good for your health.

The most famous crab restaurant in Osaka is Kani doraku.

Maybe you might have seen their landmark,the giant mechanical crab in front of the restaurant on TV or magazine.

As for puffer fish,The most famous restaurant is Zuboraya.

Namba has changed over the past several decades, but Kanidouraku and Zuboraya remain the same.

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9.Visit German Christmas Market/ドイツクリスマスマーケット

German Christmas market German Christmas Markets are originated in Europe countries such as Germany and Austria, but you can also enjoy them here at Umeda in Osaka!

It is held at Umeda Sky building and one of the most famous events in Osaka.

You may feel traveling to Germany seeing their lovely shops, ornaments, an antique merry-go-round and food stalls.

They offer Gluh Wein(Hot wine), German beer, sausages, Stollen, and Lebkuchen etc.

I drink Gluh Wein(Hot wein) every year, and it’s so sweet and tasty!

There is a large Christmas tree illuminated with beautiful colorful lights in the center of the plaza .

I used to live Germany for 1 year and I do love German Christmas markets.

It’s much smaller than real German Christmas Market, but I’m happy that I can see German Christmas market in my city.

If you come to Osaka in winter,enjoy romantic time at German Christmas market!

German Christmas Market
Address:1-1 Oyodo-naka,Kita-ku,Osaka
Location:15 minutes walk from Subway Midosuji Line Umeda station
Illumination Period:From Nov.15 to Dec.25 in 2019
Opening hours:Mon.-Thu.12:00~21:00,Fri.12:00~22:00,Sat.Sun.Public holiday 11:00~22:00

10. Hirakata Park/枚方パーク

Photo credit: masatsu on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

Hirakata Park is an amusement park in Osaka, that has a bit of a retro feel.

It has all the traditional rides, from Ferris Wheels to wooden roller coasters, etc.

During the winter, the Park has a great illumination event.

It is so popular that the amusement park is actually called in Japan as an amusement park of light.
This year’s theme is Time Travel Fantasy.

Around 1,300,000 LED lights creates the magical world of fantasy.

Hirakata Park
Address:1-1 Hirakatakoencho, Hirakata
Location:3-minute walk from Keihan Hirakata-koen Station
Phone: 072-844-3475
Opening hours:It changes depending on the day
Closed:Please visitcalender
Admission Fee:Adult(junior high school age and over):1,400 yen,2 years old – elementary school age and under:800 yen

I hope you’ll have a great time in Osaka in winter!

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