Arashiyama Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka!

Arashiyama Romantic train is one of the best way to enjoy seasonal beauty of Arashiyama.

It runs 7.3 km between Sagano Station and Kameoka city along the Hozugawa river for about 25 minutes.

I especially recommend you to take Arashiyama romantic train in Spring and autumn to see magnificent landscape of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves,

I was there to see autumn leaves and it was a great experience.

This time I’d like to tell you helpful information of Arashiyama romantic train!

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Local Guide:Arashiyama romantic train Review & Helpful tips!

I arrived at JR Saga Arashiyama station at 9:50 in the morning to take the train depared around 10:00.

There were already many people in the train.

As the train departed, all the staff at the station continued to wave until we disappeared completely from the view.

It was one of the happiest moment of this journey:)

The train started at a slow pace,allowing us to fully enjoy the beautiful landscape of Hozugawa river and Arashiyama.

They announced the spots of particular interest for the passengers,and they sometimes stopped the train so that we could take some pictures.

I remember they explained that we could see the famous Ryokan Hoshinoya on the left side along the way.

I saw people enjoying a boat ride downstream from Kameoka City to Arashiyama on the Hozugawa river cruise.

Make sure to wave at the people on the river cruise when you find them!

The leaves wasn’t change the color because it was the end of Oct., but still the view was awesome.

I felt the seats on the right side of the train offer a better view of the mountainside as well as the Hozugawa river and riverboats(If you start from Kameoka station, it should be on the left side)

It was a peaceful relaxing train ride, a cool breeze came through the open windows.

I fully enjoyed this scenic ride!

How to purchase the tickets?

In advance

I strongly recommend you to buy the tickets in advance.

The tickets are available from 10:00am one month before of the day when you take the train.

You can purchase them at the green window (Midori no madoguchi) ticket offices in JR West stations and a seat number will be allocated.

I have purchased the ticket at the green window in JR Osaka station.

The advance tickets are also available at Travel agency.

On the day

About seventy-seventy five tickets are available including Car No.5 (The Rich) per one train.(sixty seats + ten-fifteen standing rooms)

The tickets are sold at Saga, Arashiyama, and Kameoka Torokko Stations.

Business hour of the station:

Saga Torokko Station: 8:35a.m.

Arashiyama Torokko Station:8:40a.m.

Kameoka Torokko Station:8:50a.m.

Car No.5( The Rich)

There are 5 passenger cars.

Car Number 1 to 4 have windows, and Car No.5 called “The Rich” is fully open air with glass ceiling & floor which offers panoramic views of Arashiyama.

It allows you to fully absorb the spectacular view of Arashiyama even more, and feel the soft breeze on your cheeks.

If you want to enjoy this dramatic view,you should take The Rich.

The tickets for The Rich are sold only on the day at Saga, Arashiyama, and Kameoka Torokko Stations.

They cannot be purchased in advance, so you have to go to the Station early in the morning to get them.

How early?

I have checked the reviews on the internet and people wait from the 6 ride The Rich during the peak season in April and November.

Except that period, people wait in the line from 7a.m. or 8 a.m depending on the day.

Helpful tips

  1. The Rich is not available on rainy days.

    Therefore, I recommend you to buy the ticket of Car Number 1 to 4 in advance.

    And if it’s sunny, you can go there early in the morning to get the seats for The Rich.

    You don’t have to pay the extra fee,just exchange the tickets if you already have the advance tickets

  2. If you are not planning to ride Hozugawa river cruise, it’s better to get the tickets for the Rich at Kameoka station.

    Arashiyama romantic train is a round trip:
    Outbound: From Arashiyama Torokko Sagano Station to Arashiyama Torokko Kameoka station

    Inbound: Arashiyama Torokko Kameoka Station to Arashiyama Torokko Sagano station:

    Most people choose the outbound course with a Hozugawa River Cruise to come back to Arashiyama.

    So if you are not interested in Hozugawa river cruise,(although I recommend you to try it),you should take the train from Kameoka station in order to get the tickets for The Rich.

    I cannot promise that you can get the tickets for sure, but it’s absolutely less crowded than to get the tickets at Saga Torokko Station


I tried to buy the advance tickets for mid-November three weeks before the day, but it was already fully booked.

Therefore, I highly recommend you buy the tickets in advance as soon as possible.

The best season is from mid November to early December.

I think Arashiyama Romantic Train + Hozugawa river cruise is the best way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Arashiyama.

The last boat departures at 15:30,so you should take the train earlier to be in time for the river cruise.

If you missed your chance to buy the advance ticket,you should buy the day-tickets.

You have to go and get in the queue early in the morning, but it’s worth waiting!

I hope you’ll enjoy the ride!

Arashiyama Romantic Train Information

Address:Shado-cho, Saga Tenryu-ji, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto(JR Saga-Arashiyama Station)
Location:From Kyoto station,take the JR Sagano/San-in Line to JR Saga-Arashiyama Station.
Phone: 0088-24-5489( toll free number)
Days of Operation:March 1 to December 29 (January and February are out of service)
Out of service:Wednesday
※If Wednesday is a national holiday, they will operate,and during the spring vacation, Golden week, summer vacation and the autumn colors season, they will operate on Wednesdays too.
Light-up Period:From 14th Dec to 3rd December in 2017
Ligh-up Hour: 16:30~19:30
Fare:(One Way) Adults:620 yen Children: 310 yen
Center map

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