Kobe Chinatown Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka!

Chinatown is my favorite place in Kobe.I go to chinatown whenever I visit Kobe.

It is always fun to look around and eat nice Chinese foods.

There are about 100 shops including Chinese food stands,restaurant and supermarket.

They are selling similar foods, but some of the shops are very popular among locals.

Here are 5 Must-Eat foods recommended by a local in Chinatown Kobe.

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Local Guide:Kobe Chinatown!5 Must-Eat Foods&Where to try them!

1.Roushouki 老祥記(ろうしょうき)

Chinatown Roushouki is one of the best steamed pork bun(Butaman) stores in China town Kobe.

Many people come to Chinatown in order to buy the Butaman here, so It has always the long line among the stores.

It was established in 1915,and it is said this shop is the origin of Butaman.

Their Butamans are bite-size so it is easy to eat and it’s so delicious!

You must purchase a minimum amount of three pork buns, but one piece costs only 90 yen.

If you want to try the best Butaman, Roushouki would be the best option.

Address: 2-1-14 Motomachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe
Location: 5 minutes from JR Motomachi station
Phone: 078-331-7714
Open Hour: Tue-Sun 10:00〜18:30(close when it is sold out)
Closed:Mon.(the following day instead if it is a public holiday)
Center map


Chinatown Yunyun is famous for Dandan noodles(Spicy Sesame Ramen),soup dumplings,and fried rice noodle.

Must-eat foods are soup dumplings and Dan dan noodles.

They serves bite-sized,delicious soup dumplings filled with hot broth and meat.

To eat soup dumplings without burning your lips, you can bite a little hole in the dumpling and gently sip out the soup, then eat them.

The soup dumplings cost 3 pieces for 310 yen.

Dan dan noodles are served with sweet chili sauce. The sauce tastes great,has lots of flavor.

Enjoy the perfect combination of noodles and sweet chili sauce!

Address: 1-2-2 Motomachidori Chuo-ku Kobe
Location: 5 minutes from JR Motomachi station
Open Hour: Mon-Wed,Fri-Sun 11:00~20:00(L.O.19:30)
Center map

3.Tanfachie 台湾食堂 攤販街(たんふぁんちぇ)

Chinatown You can enjoy authentic Taiwanese foods at Tanfachie.

Must food here is called “刈包 Gua Bao”.

刈包 is like Taiwanese Hamburger created with steamed Chinese style bread stuffed with tender pork and pickled vegetables.

The chef was impressed by the taste of 刈包 when he ate it for the first time, and he reproduced the taste in taiwan faithfully.

You can enjoy fresh, authentic Taiwanese foods at Tanfachie.

Address:Dai-2 Ryugen Bldg.1-3-17 Sakaemachi-Dori, Chuo-Ku,Kobe
Location: 5 minutes from JR Motomachi station
Open Hour: Mon-Wed,Fri-Sun 11:30~15:00 17:00~20:30(L.O.20:00)
Center map

4.Gyoza Daigaku ぎょうざ大学

Chinatown Gyoza Daigaku is very popular among locals, and many people come from far to have it.

Gyoza is Chinese dumpling, and customers eat gyoza with miso sauce at Gyoza Daigaku

I think it’s local way to eat gyoza with miso sauce in Kobe. I’m from Osaka, and I didn’t know gyoza with miso sauce till I visited here.

I prefer Miso sauce to soy sauce,because it tastes rich and creamy.It was so delicious and I couldn’t stop eating it.

Trying miso sauce gyoza would be good experience to know local taste in Kobe!

Address: 2-3-5 Motomachidori Chuo-ku, Kobe
Location: 5 minutes from JR Motomachi station
Open Hour: Mon-Fri 11:30~14:00(L.O.)17:00~20:45(L.O.),Sat,Sun,Public holiday 11:30~14:00(L.O.)17:00~19:20(L.O.)
Closed:The first& The third Monday
Center map

5.Daidoko 大同行(台湾 小籠湯包)

Chinatown Daidoko was famous for “Black Butaman” but it is specialized for 小籠湯包(steamed soup dumpling) from November 2016.

This 小籠湯包 is juicer than 小籠包(Soup dumpling),so when you bite into one, broth comes out.

This broth is hot but very nice.

It has always the long line but worth waiting.

Address:1-3-13 Sakaemachidori Chuo-ku Kobe
Location: 5 minutes from JR Motomachi station
Open Hour: Mon-Fri 11:00~18:00,Sat,Sun,Public holiday 11:00~19:00
Center map

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