Sumiyoshi taisha shrine Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka!

Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine is the most famous Shinto-shrine in Osaka. It was built in the early 3rd century (year 211), and one of the oldest shrine in Japan.

I live close to Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine, so I often visit here to pray for my health and happiness.

Many Japanese people visit a Shinto shrine between January 1st-3rd in order to make New Year’s wishes for health and happiness.

This is called hatsumode, the first visit to a shrine.

But do you know there is a beautiful Japanese worshipping style of Sumiyoshi taisha shrine?

There are 9 places to visit in Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine.

I’d like to introduce how to visit Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine!

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First, you’ll find the torii gate.

Torii is a gate that stands at the entrance to a Shinto shrine

Bow slightly before entering the torii gate, and keep in mind to walk on the side of the path to the shrine.

The middle of the path is for the god.


Soribashi This beautiful arched red bridge called Sori-bashi.

Sori-bashi’ means a bridge which has an arched appearance.

As you can see, it’s very steep, so watch your step!

It is said if we cross over Soribashi, it will cleanse our mind and body.
Chozuya This Water-filled basins is called CHOZUYA.

CHOZUYA is where you purify yourself before approaching the main shrine.

Let’s purify ourselves here!!

  1. Take the dipper with your right hand and fill it with water.
Pour some water over your left hand to rinse it.


Shift the dipper to your left hand and rinse your right hand.


Take the dipper with your right hand, and pour water into your left cupped hand a<
    nd rinse your month.  

※Don’t forget to touch the dipper directly with your mouth. 

  4. Lastly, rinse your left hand once more.

Then, Let’s go to main shrine in the precinct!

In Sumiyoshi Taisha precincts, there are four main shrines.


First go to the DAIICHI-HONGU which is located in the innermost part out of the four shrines.
img_3439 DAIICHI means “first” in Japanese, so this DAIICHI-HONGU is the first shrine to visit.

This is how we worship.

Bow twice, clap your hands twice, pray, and bow.

Stand in front of deity with bowing and ring the bell.

  2. Throw change in the offering box.

  3. Bow twice deeply.

  4. Clap your hands twice.

  5. Pray with putting your both hands together.

  6. Lastly bow once more deeply before you leave.


Sumiyoshi taisha shrineThis shrine called DAINI-HONGU.DAINI means “second”in Japanese, so this is the second shrine to visit.

Please repeat above.

Bow twice, clap your hands twice, pray, and bow.


Sumiyoshi taisha shrine The shrine in the left side of the picture is called DAISAN-HONHU, and the shrine in the right side called DAIYON-HONGU.

DAISAN means “third”,DAIYON means “Fourth”in Japanese, so DAISAN-HONGU is the third shrine to visit.Then visit DAIYON-HONGU afterwards.

Please repeat the same thing in front of the each shrine.

6.Tanekashisha Shrine/種貸社

Sumiyoshi taisha Tanekashisha Shrine is believed to give efficacy to those praying for pregnancy and business success.

7.Nankunsha Shrine/楠珺社

Nankunsha shrine There is well ripped ears of rice in Nankunsha shrine, and it is believed to bring business success.

8.Asazawa Shrine/浅沢社

Sumiyoshi taisha Since Asazawa Shrine is known as a deity of entertainments, this shrine is popular among people related to show business such as comedian or singer.

It is also said that if you visit this shrine you will be blessed with beauty.

So many female Japanese come to visit this shrine.

9.Otoshi Shrine/大歳社

Sumiyoshi taisha Otoshi Shrine gives efficacy to fulfill your Prayer,and bring you economic fortune.

There are 3 Stones called Omokaru stone within the confines of the Otoshi Shrine.

Pick up 1 stone among 3 stones and check it’s weight.

This stone will tell you your fortune.

Make your wish and pick it up once more. If the stone feels lighter the second time than first time,it is said your wish will come true.


When you worship at Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine,there is a official visiting order to visit shrines.

But since there are so many shrines in Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine,You can visit only 3 or 4 shrines you would like to visit.

If you pray with all your heart,it will bring you good fortune!

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