Amerikamura is a shopping district between Shinsaibashi station and Yotsubashi station.It’s located 5 min. on foot from Exit no.7 Shinsaibashi Station .

Amerikamura is popular with young people.There are a lots of Secondhand clothes shops, records shops and bars etc. It is lined up about 2500 shops in this area.

You can enjoy not only day time but also night time because there is a lots of bars, clubs and karaoke shops in Amerikamura.

I visited Amerikamura in the day time.

It was fun for me to see around Americamura finding nice shops and restaurants.

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Local tells 3 Things to do in Amerikamura

1.Triangle Park

The park is a popular meeting point and resting place surrounded by western fashion shops and restaurants.
Here you can see Japanese-style French maids,punk-rock adults,street performer.

Triangle Park is a Symbol of the Amerikamura.

Center map

2.Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is Danish design store offering a quirky, ever-changing selection of own-designed products at affordable prices.

It was opened in 2012.At that tie they had to close the store for 1 month because all the products were sold out.

It’s the best place find cute artsy stuff to decorate your house.

I’ve got a red cushion. It was just 700 yen.

Address:2-10-24 Nishishinsaibashi,Osaka
Opening hours:11:00~20:00

Center map

3.Video Game Bar Space Station

There are 13 kinds of video games like Famicom, Nintendo, Super Famicom, Super Nintendo and more than 500 video games software.

500!! You would find a lot of retro games and modern games here.

The owner of Space station is American,so English is available.There is no charge for seats,and all games are free!

Address:Nisishinsaibashi Iwamura Building 2F, 2-13-3, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku,Osaka
Opening hours:Mon.-Thu.and Sunday 20:00~2:00 Fri.-Sat. 20:00~5:00,Sun,20:00 – 2:00

Center map

If you are looking for the day and night activity,Amerikamura is the best place to make a trip!

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