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Local tells Top 7 Moss Temples and Moss Gardens in Kyoto!

Kyoto Sightseeing
Photo credit: randomwire via /  CC BY-NC-SA

Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! Japanese people are obsessed with moss(including me!). This may appear strange to some of you as moss may be considered as unwanted clumps in your gardens or imperfections in some cultures. Yet, the Japanese find peace and beauties in those imperfections. The process of moss formation resonates well with the treasured・・・

Local tells Top 5 best Tonkatsu restaurants in Kyoto!

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Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! Tonkatsu is a very popular Japanese dish usually served with rice,shredded cabbage and miso soup. It is very popular as a home cooked dish, but there are also many good Tonkatsu restaurans in Kyoto. Why don’t you try some real tonkatsu dishes in the tonkatsu specialized restaurants? Here are Top 5・・・

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