kushikatsu Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka!

Kushikatsu is one of the osaka’s speciality. You’ll find lots of kushikatsu restaurants especially shinsekai area.

When you eat kushikatsu, you dip it into the sauce. But there is a golden rule to eat Kushikatsu.

That is : No double dipping. Other customer will dip in the same sauce pot, so courtesy is appreciated. There is no other rule, so enjoy Kushikatsu in Osaka!

I would like to recommend you top 5 best Kushikatu restaurants in Osaka!

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Local tells Top 5 best kushikatsu restaurants in Osaka!

1.Daruma Shinsekai sohonten

Kushikatsu Daruma Daruma is a popular kushikatsu restaurant has 3 locations in the only shinsekai area and it is the famous chain kushikatsu restaurants.

Their Kushikatsu have three flavors, original sauce, coating and good oil.You can enjoy original tasty Kushikatsu here.

Address: 2-3-9 Ebisuhigashi Naniwa-ku Osaka
Location:3 minutes from Subway Sakaisuji-line Ebisucho station.
Phone: 06-6645-7056
Open Hour: Mon-Sun11:00〜21:00 (L.O. 20:40)
Price:1500~2500 yen
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Ueshima Fresh ingredients of the date like a sea urchin on squid or wagyu beef etc are served at Ueshima restaurant.

You have your own kushikatsu sauce here. The chef keeps serving kushikatsu if you don’t say “Stop”.

Address: 2F Ueshima Bldg. 1-6-5 Nishishinsaibashi,Chuo-ku, Osaka
Location: 3 minutes from Midosuji-line Shinsaibashi station
Phone: 06-6241-9433
Open Hour: Mon-Sun 17:00〜23:00
Closed: No fixed holidays
Price:10000~15000 yen

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Yakko Yakko is a popular kushikatsu restaurant where is always a long line.

There are more than 30 kinds of kushikatsu. The secret of the good kushikatsu is batter and sauce.

The problem here is there some cigarettes on the floor( I don’t smoke) but Kushikatsu is best at Yakko.

Address: 2-3-10, Ebisuhigashi,Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Location:3 minutes from JR Shinimamiya station
Phone: 06-6643-6954
Open Hour: Wed-Sun 12:00〜20:30
Closed: Mondays,Tuesdays
Price:2000~3000 yen
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Yaekatsu There are various kushikatsu,shrimp, asparagus, cheese etc.

What I recommend you to eat here is”fresh gluten(It is called Namafu in Japanese)”.

It’s very delicious.

Address: 3-4-13,Ebisuhigashi,Naniwa-ku,Osaka
Location:5 minutes from JR Shinimamiya station
Phone: 06-6643-6332
Open Hour: Mon-Wed,Fri-Sun 10:30〜21:30
Closed: Thursday, 3rd Wed.
Price:1000~3000 yen
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Tengu Tengu was introduced by TV many times. Kushikatsu is very famous here, but I would like you to try “Doteyaki” here.

Doteyaki is a beef gristle which was boiled by white miso. It’s just 100 yen.

Address: 3-4-12 Ebisuhigashi,Naniwa-ku,Osaka
Location:5 minutes from JR Shinimamiya station
Phone: 06-6641-3577
Open Hour: Tue-Sun 10:30〜21:00
Closed: Mondays
Price:1000~3000 yen

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Most of the kushikatsu restaurants are located in Shinsekai area.

At kushikatsu restaurant, there is a golden rule:No double dipping. There is also a unspoken rule: Leace the restaurant as soon as you finish eating so that other customer can enjoy kushikatsu at restaurant.

I hope you can enjoy best kushikatsu in Osaka!

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