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Local tells Top 5 best Teppanyaki restaurants in Osaka!


People in Osaka love thick steak,Yakiniku and Teppanyaki. Teppanyaki literally means ‘to grill on a hot plate’, You are most welcome to sit around the chefs, see your food prepared in front of you. Each restaurants has its own secret sauce,and that makes meat more delicious. I would like you to introduce top 5 best・・・

Local tells Top 5 best yakiniku restaurants in Osaka!

yakiniku osaka

Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! There are lots of yakiniku restaurants in Osaka. It’s Korean food in origin, and Korean living in Osaka set the yakiniku trend. I have been to many yakiniku restaurants in Osaka.There are variety of yakiniku restaurants like all you can eat or fancy restrants. I would like to introduce 5 best・・・

Local tells Top 5 best Fugu restaurants in Osaka!


One of Osaka speciality in Winter is fugu. It is estimated that 70% of all the fugu eaten in Japan is consumed in Osaka. Fugu is also called “tessa ” in Osaka dialect. I rarely go to fugu restaurant, but I know some famous fugu restaurants in Osaka. I would like to introduce the top・・・

Local tells Top 5 best Shabu shabu restaurants in Osaka!

shabu shabu

Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! Shabu shabu is a healthy dish and it is getting popular among foreign tourists in Japan. Shabu shabu is cooked at the table and entertaining as everyone cook their own food. I love eating Shabu shabu. I would like to introduce you top 5 best restaurants in Osaka! Local tells Top・・・

Local tells Top 5 Restaurants near Sumiyoshi taisha shrine !

Sumiyoshi taisha shrine

Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! Osaka is called kitchen of Japan. It means Osaka is home to a lot of different dishes at almost everywhere. The foods are not only delicious, but also reasonable. I am happy to live here because I can find very good reastaurant with reasonable price. I would like to introduce the・・・

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