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Top 20 Shopping Destinations in Osaka! Tips on where to go by local!

Osaka Sightseeing
Hankyu Departmet Store

Osaka has lots of good shopping places,from traditional department stores to trendy young designers shops. Osaka’s Four largest shopping districts are Umeda, Shinsaibashi,Namba and Tennoji. Each district has its own distinct characteristics atmosphere. Read my local guide to Osaka’s best shopping areas and Places and find out where to shop in Osaka. You’ll find the・・・

Universal Studios Japan Harry Potter !Helpful tips and guide by local!

Osaka Sightseeing

Universal Studios Japan’s “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” reproduced the world from Harry Potter movie in a real life! The castle,Hogwarts Express,shops,atmosphere… everything is just like in the movie. Harry Potter production designer Stuart Craig helped to build this Harry potter world. This is a must-see area for any Harry Potter fan! Here are some・・・

Universal Studios Japan Express Pass Guide!

Osaka Sightseeing

It is always crowded with people at Universal Studios Japan. Sometimes you have to wait for 3-4 hours to ride on popular attractions. To avoid the long queue, Don’t miss out on express pass!! Using express pass, you can ride on popular attractions within 15-20 min.It is definitely worth buying it if you want to・・・

Universal Studios Japan Guide for foods and restaurants!

Food Sightseeing

There are many attractions and parades during the day and evening you can enjoy at Universal Studios Japan. From the morning you run to the Harry Potter area, riding a flying dinosaur and watching parade. If you get tired and feel hungry,you can go to very good restaurants. Here are the good and popular restaurants・・・

Top 5 best rides and attractions at Universal Studios Japan! Ranking and review

Osaka Sightseeing
Jaws at universal studios japan

Universal Studios Japan celebrated its 15th anniversary on March 31 in 2016. To celebrate the anniversary,Universal Studios Japan offers guests many kinds of new rides ,attractions and events. The celebration theme of 15th anniversary is “Re-born”. Universal Studios Japan will offer the guests so many new experiences and excitements beyond expectations. Let’s find out how・・・

Top 3 best Cherry blossom spots in Osaka!Location and Map


Cherry blossom is the most beloved flower in Japan.When cherry blossoms are blooming,people are enjoying cherry blossom viewing under the trees while eating and drinking.. I go cherry blossom viewing every year with my family or friends. Every time I see the Cherry blossom,I feel the coming of spring. There are many famous cherry blossom・・・

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