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Top 5 best Hotel near Namba in Osaka!Location and Map


Namba is the most popular tourists destination in Osaka.It’s the best place for people who want to enjoy,shopping, sightseeing,eating and drinking in Osaka. There are glico man, Kani douraku(Crab restaurant), Namba parks, H&M,barsetc.You will never get bored strolling around Namba area. There are from cheap hotels to luxury hotels for business or pleasure in Namba.・・・

5 cheap hotels near Namba in Osaka around 5000 yen!Location and Map!


Namba is the most famous district where you can find popular bars,restaurants,and historical places! If you like exciting city, you will be sure enjoy yourselves here in Namba! The best way to get Namba from Kansai Airport is by a Nankai Railways train. It takes under 30 minutes from KIX to Nankai Namba station. The・・・

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