crab Japan is the home of crabs. They are caught in Japan especially from autumn to winter. I rarely eat crabs, but many Japanese people love crabs. There are even crabs tour for crab lover.

I would like to introduce the top 5 best crab restaurants in Osaka.

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Top 5 best crab restaurants in Osaka!

1.Kanidoraku honten Osaka

Konidoraku honten Osaka is one of the symbol of Osaka. The giant mechanical crab outside the restaurant will welcome you. When we think about crab restaurant, just come up with Kanidoraku.It is most popular crab restaurant in Osaka.

Address: 1-6-18,Dotonbori,Chuo-ku,Osaka
Location:7 minutes from Subway Midosuji-line namba station
Phone: 06-6211-8975
Open Hour: Mon-Sun 11:00〜23:00(L.O.22:00)
Closed: No fixed holidays
Price:(Lunch)3000~4000 yen,(Dinner)6000~8000 yen

2.Hokkaido ryori benten bekkan

All the ingredients,fish and vegetables are delivered directly from Hokkaido. They provide the seasonable fish and vegetables. There are various food menu like Crab shabu shabu hot pot, crab rice porridge and King crab and snow crab platter etc.There is all you can drink menu.

Address: 6-9,Doyama-cho,Kita-ku,Osaka
Location:5 minutes from Subway Midosuji-line Umeda station
Phone: 06-6361-5154
Open Hour: Mon-Fri 11:30〜14:30, 16:3023:00,Saturdays,Sundays,Holidays 12:00〜23:00
Closed: No fixed holidays
Price:(Lunch)1000~2000 yen,(Dinner)4000~5000 yen
Table charge:390 yen

3.Kanitokaisen Dining kotobiki

IMG_0533 The king crab sashimi taste very sweet and rich.

On the 28 Floor you can overlook the beautiful night view of Osaka.
Address: Hankyu grand Bldg. 28F Kakuta-cho,Kita-ku,Osaka
Location:3 minutes from Hankyu-line Umeda station, 3 minutes from Subway Midosuji-line Umeda station
Phone: 06-6131-1740
Open Hour: Mon-Sun11:00〜23:00(L.O.22:30)
Closed: No fixed holidays
Price:1000~2000 yen

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Nomidouraku is specialized in crab dishes. There are various crab menues, like Grilled Crab, Crab sashimi, and boiled crab etc.You can enjoy a lot of crab foods for 6000 yen course.This restaurant is for the crab lovers.

Address: 2-16-10, Higashikagaya,Suminoe-ku,Osaka
Location:10 minutes from Subway Yotsubashi-line Kitakagaya station
Phone: 06-6682-1591
Open Hour:-
Price:~6000 yen

Amimoto Main Bldg.(Amimoto Honkan)

Amimoto main Bldg. is a chain of Kanidouraku. Amimoto is more quiet and calm compare to Kanidouraku restaurant. Kanidouraku is the more popular than Amimoto, but I prefer amimoto to Kanidouraku. You can enjoy crab dishes in a gorgeous private room.

Address: 2-13-15,Nishishinsaibashi,Chuo-ku,Osaka
Location:5 minutes from Subway Namba station
Phone: 0120-061-011
Open Hour: Mon-Frit 17:00〜22:30(L.O.21:30) ,Sat,Sun,11:30〜22:30(L.O.21:30)
Closed:No fixed holidays
Price:(Lunch)8000~10000yen,(Dinner)10000~15000 yen

Crabs are considered winter foods and are cooked in a hot style dish. But you can enjoy delicious crabes throuout the year. Enjoy a full course meal of crab dishes in Osaka!

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