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Osaka vs Kyoto: Which city should you travel?

Kyoto Osaka

Hi, I’m Keiko from Osaka! This is one of the questions I am asked a lot by tourists who are visiting this region, but on a tight schedule. Osaka or Kyoto, which city should I visit? “Both!” I really want to say. But I understand this is not possible for some, and perhaps even not・・・

Local tells Top 10 best Michelin Starred Restaurants in Kyoto in 2020!

Food Kyoto

Hi,I’m Keiko from Osaka! Kyoto cuisine is well known for it’s refined and delicate taste. Beautifully Created dishes are like an art, it will please both your tongue and your eyes. There are more than 170 Michelin star restaurants in Kyoto.You can enjoy delicious dishes in a Japanese traditional atmosphere at these Michelin restaurants. But・・・

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