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Top 5 best ramen restaurants in Osaka!


Japanese ramen restaurants are expanding overseas rapidly. Soy sauce taste ramen is the most popular ramen seasoning for Japanese. But it seems Tonkotsu(Pork bone ) taste ramen is the best ramen seasoning for foreiners. I am Japaese but I find Tonkotsu ramen the best! I like the rich and creamy Tonkotsu ramen Broth. I would・・・

5 cheap hotels near Namba in Osaka around 5000 yen!Location and Map!


Namba is the most famous district where you can find popular bars,restaurants,and historical places! If you like exciting city, you will be sure enjoy yourselves here in Namba! The best way to get Namba from Kansai Airport is by a Nankai Railways train. It takes under 30 minutes from KIX to Nankai Namba station. The・・・

Top 3 best Cherry blossom spots in Osaka!


Cherry blossom is the most beloved flower in Japan.When cherry blossoms are blooming,people are enjoying cherry blossom viewing under the trees while eating and drinking.. I go cherry blossom viewing every year with my family or friends. Every time I see the Cherry blossom,I feel the coming of spring. There are many famous cherry blossom・・・

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